About Us


Kinektek is a B2B company providing a scalable, customisable end-to-end unattended customer transaction solution. Our software platform, service offering and custom designed hardware are used globally by leading financial institutions, governments and lifestyle based retail brands.

The transactions offered via our solution range from essential account payments, purchasing of pre-paid utilities and services or topping up on wi-fi, music streaming, Uber vouchers, and more.

Since our start up days in 2009 we have been focused on refining and simplifying the unattended experience. We have developed a detailed and thorough knowledge of the relationships and inter-dependence of all elements in the total solution design. This ranges from software applications, network infrastructure and architecture to user interfaces, 3rd party system interfaces, and kiosk hardware.


We’ve learnt that technical accuracy without optimum user-centricity has little value in a transactional world centered on customer attraction and retention strategies. More so when this business is not one of attended retail transactions but of unattended transactions via self service terminals.

Our software and hardware design process grows from the combined values ascribed to technical precision and human-centered design principles.

We work through the challenges faced by our partners and clients, and the challenges faced by their customers and end users. We produce a refined, simplified and efficient system for our clients and a swift, intuitive transaction for the end user.