Our Solution: Devices


  • The desktop solutions are typically deployed for staff-assisted transaction environments.
  • All of the work that has gone into refining the unattended kiosk solutions has resulted in extremely efficient staff-assisted transaction solutions.
  • The desktop hardware configuration is almost limitless and typically includes devices like a cash drawer, card payment terminal, receipt printer, barcode scanner, etc.

Ingenico card reader


  • Users are able to access the platform and all its services via their android and iOS smartphones using our apps.
  • This creates opportunities for users to access the services from absolutely any location, and seamlessly move from their own phone to another device to complete any particular transaction, creating a true omni-channel experience.
  • There are various payment options that can be enabled via the smartphone channel including card payments, wallet based payments and instant EFT.

S1 kiosk with safe


  • Vending

    The platform has been integrated with various existing vending solutions to significantly expand the functionality of these vending units. This drives up usage of the units and creates additional revenue streams for owners.
  • mPOS

    Implementation of the solution on a PCI and EMV certified android mPOS device opens up a very broad range of queue-busting options and informal trading opportunities.

S1 kiosk with safe