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A pre-certified, omnichannel commerce platform for processing digital sales and service transactions.

Biome is supplied as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) subscription model accessed by your customers via channels and devices of your choice.


  • Software

  • Hardware devices

  • 3rd party system integrations

  • Payment processing technologies

  • Additional integrated services

  • Remote monitoring dashboards

  • Automated reporting

  • Fully supported service model

Build your own super-system that supports your unique customer value proposition and business strategy.

Biome is implemented either as an off-the-shelf, standalone system for the distribution of Orca content, or seamlessly integrated with your own product and reconciliation systems. 

Keep pace with cutting edge transaction technologies 

Biome is further differentiated through its broad and growing range of supported payment methods, devices and channels, plus its extensive remote monitoring and management tools.


Biome is certified compliant with the ISO 27001 data security standards, and is POPI compliant.

Biome overview infographic_desktop.png

User experience

Convenient. Intuitive. Empowering.

Our UI system is designed for easy integration of your corporate branding.


Platform modules

Technical platform


  • Unified UI/UX

  • Integrated devices

  • Payment acceptance

  • Apps and applications

  • Web

Cloud host

  • Device management

  • Application management

  • Transaction processing

  • Service orchestration

  • Access management

  • Content management

  • Data warehousing

Monitoring dashboards

  • Device status down to component level

  • Device connectivity & uptime

  • Realtime transaction monitoring

  • Remote receipt views and reprints

  • 3rd party system statuses

Remote controls

  • Software, product & pricing updates

  • Access & permission management

  • UI/UX configuration

  • Diagnostics, trouble-shooting & fault resolution

  • Automated daily reports & detailed extracts

  • Standard performance analytics

  • Customisable views and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Integrated services

Card acquiring

EMV and PCI certified card acceptance solutions with multiple banks are integrated into Biome. Additional certifications can be carried out on demand.

A secure bulk cash deposit solution has been integrated into the platform, and Cash-in-transit (CIT) services from independent service providers are available to clients on demand.


Alternative payments

Additional payment methods are integrated into Biome and are available to our clients.

  • Mobile payments

  • Instant EFT

  • QR payments

  • Closed loop card

AI recommendations

Integration of a powerful AI engine capable of delivering targeted product recommendations to consumers in real-time as they are transacting over any of the channels.

Service model

Service model diagram@2x.png
  • Own products integrations plus Orca content

  • Menus and screen flows

  • Payment services

  • Reconciliation integration & processes

  • Automated reporting definition and setup

  • UI and device branding

  • Organisation and site configurations

Biome configuration

Hardware supply

  • Device selection and ordering

  • Manufacturing and supply

  • Card terminal configuration and preparation

  • Software loading and staging

  • Shipping

  • Installation

  • Handover to, and training of, site staff

Software deployment

  • Thorough end-to-end User Acceptance testing

  • Remote software deployment

  • Live pilot

  • Full rollout

  • Regular updates

  • Automated device and app updates

Adoption campaigns

  • Regular email updates to executives and staff

  • Central train-the-trainer staff training

  • Establishment of staff incentives

  • Establishment of customer incentives

  • Define performance goals

  • Staff and customer feedback reviews

  • Rapid updates

Support and maintenance

  • 1st level customer support provided by Client

  • 2nd & 3rd level hardware and software support

  • 12/7/364 call centre

  • Solution monitoring and alerts

  • Onsite hardware support

  • Component swap outs and warranty repairs

  • Spares inventory management

What Biome can do for you

Systems white@2x.png

Evolve your existing systems.

Implement as an off-the-shelf standalone system, or integrate into your existing content, reconciliation and settlement systems to boost sales with no extra work or cost.


Sales white grey@2x.png

Grow customer base.

Increase sales.

Digital sales, service and token distribution without limits This is essential to any business wishing to grow its customer base, entrench loyalty and increase sales.

Shield white@2x.png

Reduce operating costs.

Reduce risk.

Biome enables you to achieve these goals while simultaneously reducing your operating costs, risk and complexity.

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