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Biome and Orca are hardware agnostic

Nonetheless, we do supply devices that have been specifically designed or selected to optimise the functionality we enable. 

Integrated and certified

Our devices are already integrated with our solutions and have all the necessary EMV, PCI, ICASA, EMC and Safety certifications. Other devices can be integrated and certified on demand.

Self-service terminals

We have developed a range of self-service terminals (SST’s) to meet virtually every transactional requirement. 

We make use of a blended User-Centred Design (UCD) and Universal Design (UD) methodology

UCD helps understand and ensure that customer goals, changing needs, and intuitive workflows are designed into each device. UD makes interacting with the devices accessible to customers regardless of age, language, or disability. 



Selection of technology, engineering constraints, and design decisions are evaluated against UCD and UD criteria throughout the development process.


User testing

Rigorous testing of virtual and physical prototypes ensure that our SST’s are a pleasure to use by customers in the market.

Custom branding

Our SST’s can be custom branded using durable vinyls, and are suited for deployment in weather protected areas.

Proudly South African

Locally designed and manufactured.

Standard components include:

  • 22” touch screen

  • GSM & LAN connectivity

  • Card payment terminal

  • Barcode scanner

  • Webcam

  • UPS

With a wide range of optional components:

  • Cash note acceptor

  • Cash note recycler

  • Drop safe

  • Ticket printer

  • Card dispenser

  • EMV card perso printer

  • A4 scanner

  • A4 printer

  • ID/passport scanner

M1 Preasentation pic.png
M1 Preasentation pic.png


We have currently adopted the Pax A920 as our standard MPos device.

A920 Kinektek home screen.png
A920 (1).jpg
A920 Iso Kinektek home screen.png
A920 (5).png

Powerful hardware in a stylish design

The most beautiful and popular hand-held mobile payment terminal, bringing robust, hardwearing convenience to each transaction.


Traditional and alternative payment methods

Including NFC contactless, QR code scan, mobile and wallet payments, Chip & PIN and Swipe.


Brilliant 5-inch multi-point HD touch-screen

Delivers life-like images & a visually rich operational experience.

High capacity 5250mAh rechargeable Li-on battery

For continuous operations throughout the day.


  • Chip & Pin | NFC Contactless | Magnetic stripe

  • 5MP Rear & 0.3 Front cameras

  • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth

  • Long-life battery

  • 40mm receipt printer

  • GPS

  • Buzzer | Speaker | Microphone



  • PCI PTS 5.x SRED

  • EMV L1 & L2

  • EMV contactless L1

  • Various association contactless solutions

Desktop and mobile

Biome and Orca can be integrated into your existing POS, online and mobile channels 

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