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Orca is a service delivering online, real-time content access to your customers.

Orca is seamlessly integrated into Biome, and can also be accessed directly via a set of API’s.


The offering consists of:

  • Product catalogue

  • Commission pricing

  • Commercial entity configuration

  • Commission allocation configuration

  • VAS Trading Account (VTA)

  • Reconciliation and settlement services

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Orca extends traditional concepts of value-added services (VAS) to include a much larger and ever-expanding set of digital products and services.

Traditional VAS

  • Airtime and data

  • Electricity

  • Bill payments

  • Lotto

  • Betting vouchers


  • Air tickets

  • Bus tickets


  • Events

  • Attractions

Financial services

  • Account funding

  • Account opening

  • Remittances

  • Credit applications

  • Card value loads

  • Mobile wallet loads

  • EMV card instant issuance

  • Insurance products

  • Digital gift cards

Verification services

  • Fingerprint

  • ID number

  • Bank account

  • Credit record

  • Criminal record

  • Education qualifications

  • Selfie

Orca is built upon our unique community commission sharing  model (CCS)

Our CCS model provides a new way to partner directly with the communities you serve

Configurable and automated sharing of transaction commissions between retail brands, traders and outlets, customers, referrers and influencers, and community organisations.

Leverage the unique social dynamics and networks of specific communities to grow your distribution while directly rewarding and uplifting the communities themselves.

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Configurable commission sharing

Share and subsidise to offer your customers, traders and charity network the benefits they need to grow their business 

Real-time commissions

Configurable commission sharing 

Earn referral commissions

Subsidise and grow your network

Receive commissions immediately in real-time via our VAS Trading Account (VTA) solution.

Configurable commission sharing so that you automatically share commissions with your outlets, traders, customers and selected beneficiary organisations. 

Incentivise customers to refer others through a referral incentive share of subsequent commissions.

Differentiate your offering through fully or partially subsidising any transaction fees incurred by traders or customers.

Use Orca to customise your value proposition


Product catalogue

  • List of categorised products and prices

Commercial entity configurations

  • Primary organisation details

  • Secondary sub-entities (traders or outlets)

  • Any Partners of the Primary

  • Optional 3rd party beneficiary organisations

Commission configurations

  • Gross commissions receivable per product type

  • Volume-based pricing

  • Percentage allocation of gross commission to each configured commercial entity

  • Rules for transaction fee recoveries and subsidisation

VAS Trading Account (VTA)

  • A single pre-funded pool account per Primary

  • Updated in real-time as transactions are processed

  • Funded via any payment method

  • Reconciled and reported daily

  • Credited with all commissions

  • Automated recon of VAS transactions 

  • Automated recon of VTA deposits

  • Automated recon of payments via Biome

  • Automated recon of all commissions

  • Settlement of Vendors, Partners & Beneficiaries

  • Automated daily recon files and extracts as required

Reconciliation & settlement

What Orca can do for you

Content white@2x.png

More content.

More customer loyalty.

Grow customers and increase loyalty through offering the widest content range and best functionality.


More reach.

More sales.


Real-time settlement. Better cashflow.

Benefit from viral growth opportunities stimulated by referral incentives. Grow your digital sales by making your own content available to other clients of Orca, and benefit from the network effect.

Benefit from the simplicity, transparency and enhanced cashflow from realtime commission allocation and settlement. 


Build relationships.

Strength in sharing.

Build and strengthen your community relationships with outlets, traders, customers and selected beneficiaries through the automated sharing of commissions.

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